Do I Need To Let The Police Search My Home?

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Officers investigating crimes often conduct “knock and talk” routines. In other words, they knock on your door and talk to you hoping to gain incriminating information. If an officer comes to your home and asks for consent to search your home, you have a right to say no. You have the right to refuse to sign a consent form and you have the right to tell the officer he or she has no right to enter your home. If the officer asks “what do you have to hide?” you can simply say “I am not hiding anything. I am asserting my right to privacy.”

On the other hand, if an officer comes to your home with a search warrant or arrest warrant, the officer has a right to enter your residence without consent. Never interfere with an officer who says he is executing a warrant. If an officer searches your home illegally by force or intimidation, just stay out of the way. Those battles are won in the courtroom, not in your living room.

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