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General Info


Every case is important, but some matters are true emergencies. If someone is arrested, if your child is at risk, if a family member is hospitalized, or a matter requires immediate attention and cannot wait until the attorney is in the office, please let our staff know of your emergency. An attorney will be contacted immediately. If you call after hours, our automated system will locate an attorney. Simply follow the prompts and press the button indicated on your telephone. Please be sure to leave all relevant information, especially your name, call back number, and the nature of your emergency.


On occasion, our staff will need to interview you, your witnesses or other parties. This is done to protect your interests and secure the needed information quickly and in a cost-effective manner. These interviews are conducted under attorney supervision and are often preliminary to other steps taken by your attorneys. As the attorneys in the office are often in court doing what only attorneys can do, interviews by staff are critical to your representation. At any time, you are free to request an appointment with your attorney to discuss any concerns you have about your case.


Please schedule all appointments and leave all messages with the receptionist. Our receptionist has access to a computerized calendaring system and coordinates all appointments. Your messages should also be routed to our receptionist. All calls will be returned within twenty-four (24) hours, sooner in the event of an emergency. Please leave the receptionist your name and phone number with your message. Remember that an attorney may need to call you when away from the office. Without your telephone number, the call cannot be returned promptly. If you prefer to leave a voicemail or if you call after hours, our automated system will record any message you want to leave for the attorney.


An initial consultation fee of $125.00 is charged for the first visit with the attorney on any case. Our expectation is that we can help you during the initial consultation where we answer your questions, briefly review your documents and explain your rights or options. The consultation fee is due prior to visiting with the attorney. Payment using a Discover, Visa or Master Card is available.


Your files are your files. At the end of the representation, the client is entitled to the entire file. Generally, all original documents are returned to the client at the end of our representation and most clients do not want to retain their file. Our files are kept in storage for three years and then destroyed. Please be sure you retrieve all information from your file if you anticipate a future need: taxes, child support, verification of closing costs, etc.


We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express and Union Pay.